“My coaching experience with Denise Yamada has been exceptional.  I once believed that I had very little control over my circumstances and my future.  Now I know that anything is possible if I believe it is and devise a plan to achieve it.  I have also learned to balance my life.  Through coaching with Denise, I am defining my purpose, which gives my life direction and meaning.  I feel so much more alive now. I have a reason for being on this planet and I will fulfill my destiny by design, not default.  I see big things in my future, things that only a few months ago I would not have thought possible.  I see myself as a leader, a force for good in the world. I know that I make a difference.”

~LM, Pendleton, OR

“I have many plans for my life and have achieved so much already with Denise keeping me accountable for my actions and supporting me every step of the way.  I feel unconditional love from my coach and through her example I have now been able to show others that same unconditional love.  My life is forever changed and now through my example I help others around me. I’m dripping all over my loved ones!! My future is bright and I am committed to always having a coach. It’s like working out and eating right–I will always do it. The grandest thing about coaching with Denise is that I have been empowered to achieve my highest self-concept–what a joy!”

~LF, El Cajon, CA

“At 55, I finally know who I really am.  Denise has helped me uncover and discover….me. The future looks filled to bursting with possibilities!  My relationship with my wife has opened to a whole new chapter.  I am excited about my marriage now.  I am excited to see my sons in a different light as well.  They are wonderful men and little boys no longer.  Coaching has improved my entire life.  Even my relationships at work are improving and the challenges I once thought impossible to overcome are transforming with the coaching I’ve received. Thank you Denise Yamada!”

~ES, Monrovia, CA

“Ten months ago I wasn’t satisfied with my life. We had been downsized and were living with my family in subsidized housing. Today, I have drawn to me a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful home. I created this opportunity. My little ones have room to play and grow.  I am now involved in a financial adventure I used to quietly dream about, never even daring to guess I could create it. My future is here right now and it is so much fun! I love my life and I love me.  I see now that I am full of grace and ease, producing sublime results. No more waiting to become…I already am.  THANK YOU, Denise!!”

~GM, Alberta, Canada

“Before I started coaching with Denise, I dreaded waking up in the morning. Today, I absolutely love my life! It continues to amaze me how bright my future now looks. There are days I feel like pinching myself just to see if this is really me living this life of incredible possibility and opportunity. The best part about my life now is that it’s filled with so much more joy, fun and laughter than I ever thought possible. I would not have accomplished any of this without Denise as my coach.”

~HL, La Mesa, CA