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executive coach Denise YamadaTop 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths

This article, from CBS MoneyWatch, clears up some myths and misconceptions about what coaching can do for you. (And for the record, regarding Myth #1, I am fully credentialed by the International Coach Federation!)

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Learn More About Life Coaching!

Are you living your dream? If not now, when? Here’s a great article by Nancy Colasurdo about life coaching and Accomplishment Coaching’s Coaches Training Program, headquartered in San Diego:

Living Your Dream: If Not Now, Then When?

Denise Yamada

Google CEO Endorses Coaching

Here’s a video from CNN Money featuring Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, about the best advice he ever got, which was: Hire a coach!

Click here to watch the CNN Money video.

Denise Yamada

Hanging Out With Michelle Obama (well…sort of)

Here is an article I wrote for the inaugural issue of Women of Wisdom Magazine, with Michelle Obama on the cover! Just click on the thumbnail image of the article to see a full-size version.

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Accomplishment Coaching’s Coaches Training Program

My passion and work as a Professional Certified Coach is a result of my participation in Accomplishment Coaching’s Coaches Training Program. This is an extraordinary training program, and as a leader in the company, I can say it is the finest in the country. Enrollment is currently open in San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.! You’ll find more information here.