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A Blog About Finding Your Bliss

Welcome to my blog! On these pages I’ll be sharing thoughts, ideas, and musings that occur to me as we explore life together on this little blue and green planet of ours. I’d love for this to be a dialog, so I invite you to add your comments and thoughts as well!

Sugar Spooning the Buddha

Before we begin, though, perhaps I should explain the title of this blog: Spooning the Buddha. The title is not mine—I got it from my cat, Sugar. I have a Buddha statue on my front porch, and on our sunny San Diego days, Sugar loves nothing more than to rub against the statue, eventually ending up curled up against the Buddha’s lap: Spooning the Buddha. To Sugar, Spooning the Buddha is as good as it gets—it’s his version of Absolute Bliss. My goal as a coach is to help you achieve your absolute bliss. Nothing gives me greater pleasure as a coach than when one of my clients calls or e-mails to tell me, “I’m Spooning the Buddha today!” I hope my posts will help you achieve more “Buddha Spooning” days! If so, I hope you’ll comment and tell us about your successes. And if you’re struggling, I hope you’ll comment and let us support you through your challenges. Either way, my intention is that you get some value, some ideas, and some inspiration from Spooning the Buddha!

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