We Are Not Alone

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“To most of you, your neighbor is a stranger, a guy with a barking dog and a high fence around him. Now you can’t be a stranger to any guy that’s on your own team. So tear down the fence that separates you. Tear down your fence, and you’ll tear down a lot of hates and prejudices. Tear down all the fences in the country, and you’ll really have teamwork.” ~John Doe

These captivating words are from a speech delivered by the character John Doe, portrayed by Gary Cooper in the 1941 Frank Capra film “Meet John Doe.” The film might be 70 years old, but the words are just as relevant today as they were back then. The message is that it’s possible for us to realize and manifest our greater potential as individuals, as communities, as countries, as a people inhabiting this little green and blue planet we call Home. We are not alone.

If being on the planet were a team sport, what one play would you make? What will you do today to reach out to your neighbor? Do you even know your neighbors’ names?

(If you’d like to see the entire movie, click here: Meet John Doe)

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Denise Yamada © 4/2011

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