Tapping into Cosmic Consciousness

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“It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea; I work with it and rely on it. It’s my partner.” ~Dr. Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk slept with a spiral bound notebook and pen next to his bed each night so that when he was awakened by his intuition in the middle of the night he was prepared for his “night writing.” He called it an altered state of consciousness—a twilight state of half sleep and half consciousness—when he began transcribing messages from what he described as the “life force” or “cosmic consciousness”…what some call God. Salk also called it “the voice of evolution” speaking through him.

I believe we all have the ability to tap into this cosmic consciousness. But for most of us, it takes practice. One way I like to practice is by posing a question to cosmic consciousness in writing. Then I’ll ask, “What would you have me know about this?” I write everything and anything that comes through my hand—and I mean everything. For example, the very first time I did this about five years ago, and the answers started streaming through me, I asked, “Is this information coming from you, or am I making it up?” The response that came through my pen was, “What does it matter? Is the information valuable?” It was valuable…and hard to argue with the answer!

What are your experiences with intuition? How do you practice?

Please share your thoughts, insights and questions below. Your participation provides wisdom that all can benefit from. Thank you!

Denise Yamada © 4/2011

5 comments to Tapping into Cosmic Consciousness

  • tina barton

    your energy, life force, your truth, God. whatever the “intuition” is, it is there to be known. all you have to do is listen. i’ll be reading at night and whether it be a novel or even my Smithsonian Magazine, certain words and phrases command my attention. so i write them down. sometimes when you look at these words and phrases, they have absolutely nothing in common. but they beg me to use them, to write prose. so i write…but the prose or poem seems to write itself using me as a medium.

  • This is fabulous, Tina! In fact, what you are doing is very much like what Jonas Salk did! He would write down all that came to him. He said, “I am plagued with ideas that are constantly emerging in the night. I collect them, and in due course, they will prove to be useful.” His staff would type all the info from his night writings into the computer and he would read through the archives looking for patterns. This was his personal and professional guidance system!

    I love hearing that you put yours to immediate use in your prose and poems! Thank you for sharing.

  • Terrific quote and follow-up thoughts, Denise. Jonas Salk was always an inspiring individual to me. I just worked a fundraiser at his institute not that long ago. A good friend of mine had post-polio syndrome and Salk was a god of sorts, at least to her!

    I have wanted to do a similar exercise, but with morning writing, rather than night writing. For me, writing at night is easy and clear. My brain is firing on all cylinders in those twilight hours. Early in the AM…that’s another story. Perhaps it would be advantages to dig deep and see what emerges during those “dull” hours of murky subconscious thoughts.

    I’m so glad I found your site. It’s exceptional. Keep the wonderful posts coming! –Carol

  • Steve

    One of the keys to receiving the wisdom is to find a form of “letting your mind go”. It happened to Jonas Salk while he was sleeping, to Einstein on his famous long walks, and it happens to me while I am browsing in Thrift Stores.

    I enter the Thrift Store without a preconceived notion of what I need, but with an “open mind to receive”. I wander around the book section, confronted by hundreds of books and then one title will “pop” out and there it is; the exact message I need (and at the right price too!)

    PS: Don’t try this wandering technique in a regular retail store….or they will think you are a shoplifter scoping out the merchandise:)

  • Steve Anderson

    Denise….your voice is an affirmation of loving sound…radiating out to those who are ready to hear…the truth will come in the form that we are ready to receive 🙂

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