The Right Stuff

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“Take full account of the excellencies which you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Often when beginning a new endeavor, we think we don’t have what it takes to get the job done, so we hesitate to begin—or don’t begin at all. What new project or goal have you been putting off because you think you might not have the right stuff?

Take 10 minutes to put down on paper what you actually do have. On one side of your paper, write out all the skills you possess that you can use to achieve your intended result. On the other side, list all the resources you could possibly call upon. This will support you in getting clear about what you have and know…and what gaps exist so that you can set about filling them. Ready, set, go!

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Denise Yamada © 4/2011

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