Tend to Your Vehicle

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“I beat it or praise it, I feed and clean and nurse it when necessary. I urge it on without consulting it and I hold it back against its will. When my body-horse is well-behaved I generally ignore it. But when it gets unruly—which is all too often—I pull out the whip to beat it back into reasonable submission.”  ~Ken Wilbur

Does this sound familiar? How do you treat your body-vehicle? What would be possible if you treated your body like it was an expensive race horse that was worth millions of dollars…rather than an easily replaced work horse? What is one new thing you could take on today that would nourish, nurture and re-source your magnificent body? Will you do that?

Please share your thoughts, insights and questions below. Your participation provides wisdom that all can benefit from. Thank you!

Denise Yamada © 4/2011

2 comments to Tend to Your Vehicle

  • Ray Brown

    Hi Denise, you have great words of wisdome and questions. We have all been through up and downs. My reply is, “Since my wife took her life, I dont have the desire to take care of my body” I will always take care of her car, but me… it broke me. I lost the woman of my dreams and cant change that, but I still havent seen the door open again. What would I do today to change things? I dont have the answere, and thats gone on too long. I wouldnt want to have any mother lose a daughter, a daughter lose her mother and a husband lose his wife, but it happened. Yea sometimes I think this world isnt fair. Life is gonna happen and somethings are out of our hands. I was lucky to have 13 years with someone I loved and someone who loved me, alot of people dont even get that, so I thank, honor, and respect Tracy. If you deal with depression its not always easy so when she decided to go it was her choice, she didnt get hit by a car, a flood, or get cancer, she made a choice she had enough and I will always respcet that. Yes, there is something missing and its been hard to rebuild my race horse. And I think sometimes you only find that special horse once. Jose says I had my Ying and I was her yang. Thanks for the question, and for listening for a few. Smiles my friend, hope you have had a beautiful day. We’ll talk next time.

  • Ray Unseitig

    Those are all good points. I’d get back to the nutrition and exercise health things for mind and body. Organic cooking from scratch, (learn a new food/menu thing, to make from scratch organically) and walk or bike to the store for the ingredients.

    Think positive, poetry and religion are optional and then ONLY when uplifting and not related to fear and/or envy, or greed.


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