Musings of a Granddaughter

Isn’t it funny the things we remember from childhood? We weren’t big vacationers while I was growing up. Vacations, when we took them, consisted of piling into the car and driving cross country to visit Bubbie and Grandpap. They were my dad’s parents; hearty stock of Croatian descent. In fact, my grandfather came to this country in 1913. I recently found his naturalization certificate—he became a US citizen in 1926. I remember him as a tall man who towered over me. His naturalization certificate lists him at 5′ 7″. Milos was a handsome man. And kind. I see him in my mind’s eye laughing, always with a grandchild on his knee while others play around him.

I remember Bubbie, short and stout, in the kitchen, cooking for the family. High, sweet voice and a distinctive laugh that you can hear echoing in my own. Frances was a determined woman. Family lore has it that Milos wanted to marry Frances’ big sister, but she married someone else. So he married Frances. It worked out perfectly as she adored him. And she outlived him by more than 25 years.

You always knew what was important to Bubbie; walking into her sitting room, it was obvious by what hung on the walls: framed photos of the Pope, President John F. Kennedy, and every single grandchild and great grandchild—and there were dozens and dozens of them! I am proud to be one of them…and look forward to the day when I become a Bubbie, short for “stutta bubba,” which my grandfather told me is Croatian for “old woman.”

Today, I honor my Bubbie. This marks the 6th anniversary of her passing. We’re not exactly sure how old she was she when died, but we think it was 103; most certainly over 100. At least I know I come from hearty stock and will be around for a long time, doing what I can to transform age and experience from liabilities to assets.

Godspeed, Bubbie. I love you and thank you for life.

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  • As always, what a beautiful article.

  • Chris Kovacevic Hiltrop

    She is my Bubbie too. A funny woman with a great sense of humor. Lots of funny Bubbie stories to share. Thanks for the memory Denise. There are 13 grandchildren and I don’t how many great or great, great grandchildren. I wouldn’t mind being a grandmother, but I don’t think I want to be called “Bubbie”. She certainly is one of a kind.

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