Wizard of Oz

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I love “The Wizard of Oz” and how it applies to coaching and how we are as human beings: Like the Wizard, we construct survival mechanisms to hide that we feel small and ineffective. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Like the Tin Man, we think we don’t have a heart, or like the Scarecrow we think we don’t have a brain, or like the Lion we think we don’t have courage…when, in fact, we have everything we need—if only we look inside. A wizard isn’t necessary for us to get to where we want to go (although I must say a life coach can be very supportive!); a yellow brick road isn’t necessary to get to where we want to be (although an action plan can be invaluable!)…for we’re already there: There is no place like home. Home is what we carry inside us—whole, perfect, and lacking nothing.

What can you do today that is an expression of the very thing you think you lack? For example, even with close to 30 years of public speaking experience, I often still get scared before I walk onto the platform to speak. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s my humanity. I think, if only I had courage, this would be easier. Then I remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s acknowledging the fear and doing it anyway. The word courage comes from the Latin root “cor” meaning heart. So courage is a quality that comes from your heart. To be courageous, to be courage, is to bring a full heart to any endeavor in life. As such, courage is already at home inside you.

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

What previously hidden, denied or unknown part of yourself will you express today?

Please share your thoughts, insights and questions below. Your participation provides wisdom that all can benefit from. Thank you!

Denise Yamada © 4/2011

2 comments to Wizard of Oz

  • Gena

    Today I woke up with an old song from my childhood playing around and around in my head. It seemed so fitting as a reply here.
    “…you can do impossible things, if you follow your heart… Impossible things; so always, always follow your heart.”
    Thank you Denise. =)

  • Heidi Lee

    Next week, I’ll be headed into what could end up being the most financially successful and important week of my career to date. I have a result I need and want to produce by the end of the week that I have been unsuccessful in reaching in the previous 4 times I’ve attempted it.

    I wasn’t sure I actually had it in me to continue this last stretch for fear of experiencing yet another disappointment at the end and was in the process of deciding today if I was just ready to call it complete, I put up the good fight, played a great game, and it’s just time to be done with trying to reach this career goal at this stage in my life. I truly was right on the verge of choosing not to continue what must seem like “this madness” to those who have watched me pursuing this the last 4 times I’ve attempted it. Then, I read your posting and something unexpected and wonderful happened.

    Upon reading your words, I remembered that what I am is incredibly resilient and have an extraordinary gift to take what I’ve learned through previous experiences, really see what worked and what didn’t, shake off the defeat, fear, judgments of how it went before, etc. and be completely unstoppable in pulling out absolutely amazing results.

    So, this next week, I’ll be pulling out all the stops, leaving no stones unturned and being willing to do whatever I need to do to produce these results inside of the designated time frame I have to achieve them this time around. This time, though, it’s not for anyone else or what it might get me in the end. This time, it’s just for me because it’s something I want, deep in my heart, to accomplish. And, I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it.

    Thank you for this blog posting. It reminded me not to give up on myself today.

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