Stripes, Spider Veins and Love

I have to laugh at myself. I have stripes up and down my legs—these big swaths of white, alternating with this lovely shade of bronze. And it’s totally self-inflicted: Last night as I stepped out of the shower, I noticed how pale my legs are—which is actually good news. Having spent my formative years in . . . → Read More: Stripes, Spider Veins and Love

Wizard of Oz

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I love “The Wizard of Oz” and how it applies to coaching and how we are as human beings: Like the Wizard, we construct survival mechanisms to hide that we feel small and ineffective. “Pay no attention . . . → Read More: Wizard of Oz

Problems as Opportunities

Everybody has problems. Life is a series of people, events and circumstances that come into our lives—often disguised as “problems.” But problems aren’t really the problem. It’s how we deal with problems that creates our experience of life. What usually happens when we encounter problems? We can get stuck, depressed or angry. We can become . . . → Read More: Problems as Opportunities