Tiny Delights

“Most of us miss out on life’s big prizes. The Pulitzer. The Nobel. Oscars. Tonys. Emmys. But we’re all eligible for life’s small pleasures. A pat on the back. A kiss behind the ear. A four-pound bass. A full moon. A crackling fire. A glorious sunset. Hot soup. Cold Beer. Don’t fret about copping life’s grand awards. Enjoy its tiny delights. There are plenty for all of us.”

~Harry Gray, Chairman of United Technologies

I love this quote from Harry Gray!  How often I find myself going for the next big thing or going for perfection…when if only I’d stop and breathe and be fully in the moment, I would find beauty and goodness right where I am.  Isn’t it interesting how we’ve become so conditioned to go for bigger, better, faster, more…and after a while—somewhere on the road to burn-out—we forget why that seemed like such a good idea in the first place?

I’m not saying don’t go for the next level or strive for excellence, but take time to enjoy the ride.  I have earned some of those ‘grand awards’ to which Mr. Gray refers—seven Emmy awards, in fact—and I’m very proud of those achievements.  However, they pale in comparison to the first time my daughter laughed out loud when she was a baby or the first time my son called me “mama.”

The older I get, the more I appreciate those tiny delights.  I’ve actually come to look for them in my day and make it a practice to write out at least five of them before bed each night.  Today’s tiny delights:  1) Waking to the sound of rain on my window, 2) spending some one-on-one time with my son this afternoon, 3) driving right into a parking spot at lunch (I love good parking mojo!), 4) an unexpected phone call from my sweetheart in the afternoon, and 5) listening to my cat as he sits on my lap, purring, in this very moment.  Life’s small pleasures.  I cherish them!

What are your tiny delights?  Your big prizes?  I would love to hear about both!

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